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11. One Minute Film & Video Festival

Winning Films 2015

At the 11th One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau 10 Awards were given out! Next to the best films in the 5 categories, the best Argovian film and the best film in the category Ü65 were chosen! For the first time the audience awarded two films with Audience awards and again there was a winning film in the Instant-Competition.

Audience Awards

Best One Minute Film

Audience Award:
Interview mit Kartoffel | CH | Jolanda Suter

Best One Minute Film U20

Audience Award:
Der Taschendieb | CH | Nick Flueckiger



Winners in Categories

Best Feature / Documentary Film

O Avô | PRT | Marques André

Best Art / Experimental Film

Envy | BRA | Daniel Villela

Best Film Animation

The Whale | DEU | Henning Lederer

Best Film U20

Die Rueherei | CH | Ramona Rieder

Best Film School Projects

Say NO to Racism | CH | Sherif Xhemajli
(The film can only be shown with changed music because of copy right issues)

Best Film Ü65

Cat Flap 2 | CH | Rudolf Schinz

Best Argovian Film

Für die Katz | CH | Tine Beutel



Winner Instant-Competition

Best Instant Film

One Hollywood Classic in One Minute & One Take: The Shining
Gabriel da Silva | Marilena Picchione | Joachim Zwick
Ruedi Widmer | Marlise Widmer